Hospitality Industry

Hospitality is an industry which revolves around customer service and satisfaction. In lieu of this, the players in the hospitality industry have to constantly update themselves as well as implement the latest best practices and advancements in the sphere. Technology has already made inroads with the major hotels implementing the e-concierge and with artificial intelligence coming into picture; technology will only strengthen its position in the industry.

Hospitality Industry software solutions in noida

The launch of e-portals for ticket booking to seating and route planning, players in the travel business are not far behind this wave. The hospitality industry is accepting technology as a support instead of disruption and that is the right way to see it.
Consulting with the industry experts, we identified certain key areas to focus our services on. These are the areas where the technical expertise of Nukestone can enable the industry to take on the challenges better.

Our Expertise:


  • Property Management Systems
  • Booking Engines/Dynamic Packaging
  • Internet Distribution and Channel Management
  • Portals/CMS/CRM
  • Personal Ordering Systems


  • Online Reservations
  • Order Management
  • Table Management
  • Sales, CRM & Back-office System
  • Staff Scheduling
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics

Spa and Health Tourism:

  • PMS/POS Solution & Integrations
  • Wireless Solution (Mobile/Handheld/SMS)
  • Personal Ordering Systems
  • Registers
  • Appointment book


  • Internet Booking Engines
  • Pricing & Market Intelligence
  • Dynamic Packaging
  • Central Reservation Systems
  • Revenue Management Systems