Human Resource Management

Organizations with large numbers of employees to recruit and manage find it highly beneficial to use a Human Resource Management System (HRMS), which is also often referred to as a Human Resource Information System or HRIS. The system combines information technology, human resource software and human resource management.

If your business has outgrown the small HR department you started out with or if you are concerned that you are not taking advantage of the latest benefits available through software and technology to improve the efficiencies of your HR crew, it’s time to implement a HRMS.

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Nukestone HR departments that still rely on paperwork for the bulk of their recruiting and monitoring activities can realize much greater productivity while reducing errors and exposing you to many more qualified potential recruits than would otherwise be possible.

Elements and Features of a Human Resource Management System

Your organization’s human resource management system will address a number of departments and situations:

Beyond this are more detailed sub-features of HR that your human resource management system will support:

  • Absence management
  • Benefits
  • Development and learning (on-the-job training, safety instructions, orientation)
  • Incentives and compensation
  • Payroll functions
  • Performance evaluation and management
  • Succession plans (typically only required for higher-ups)
  • Talent recruitment and hiring
  • Workforce planning and needs forecasting