Enterprise Social Network

Private and secure space for business communication that encourages employees in an organization to exchange knowledge, documents, task management, contact data.All done socially and mobile. The Intranet has evolved to companies’ real needs of today.

The rise of social networking amongst people from all across the world has connected friends, family and colleagues to an unprecedented degree. Now, enterprise social networking is helping organization keep their employees more connected than ever by enhancing how they communicate internally.

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Social media in conjunction with mobile technology, analytics and cloud computing services (SMAC) has resulted in many enterprises being able to collaborate much more effectively in real time. Nukestone offers our customers services and solutions covering the entire social networking framework.

We make it our highest priority to build value for our customers, helping them to become more engaged as they network their employees through the latest social networking technologies.

Discover how to use your Enterprise Social Network by developing the functionality you need

  • Social Business Aggregator: Add business contents from different sources and technology solutions through Zyncro integration with CRMs, ERPs, CMSs.
  • Social Check-in / Check-out: Generate, find out, and share information regarding your employees’ mobility using check-in/check-out systems and geolocalization integrated in mobile apps for your Enterprise Social Network.
  • Social BI: Generate activity reports in your Enterprise Social Network with Business Intelligence systems to detect trends, evolutions, users, key documents… and convert them into useful business knowledge.
  • Social Reporting and Social Budget: Create and generate reports, quotes, invoices… socially, collaboratively in a central location using co-editing tools.
  • Social Crowdsourcing: Create projects, manage ideas, optimize processes… all shared using the creative strength of the members of your community.
  • Social Support: Create social support communities for customers, patients, users and/or partners.
  • Social Things: Connect hardware and other devices in your company to your Enterprise Social Network through Arduino, to socialize whatever is happening in your organization outside software and manual processes.
  • Social Workflow: Manage your workflows, flows associated with documents, groups, departments or different business areas socially.