Plugin Development

We at Nukestone offer you quality Plugin development services using a wide range of tools and technologies. A Plug-In is the least invasive method to extend the functionality and features of your existing software, allowing you to easily customize a pre-installed solution.
Plug-Ins are usually implemented using a combination of tools, technologies, development frameworks, languages specific to targeted operating systems. Our choice of technology and tools are based on your requirements, and existing Plugin Development service in noida

We employ:
  • Tools, languages and libraries such as Microsoft VC++, eVC++, C, C++, Java, Objective C
  • Component technologies spanning COM/DCOM, ATL, OLE and Active X
  • MFC development Framework and several APIs including Win 32 API, Cocoa, Carbon API, Winsock API, Telephony API, NetBIOS API, Messaging API, and WNet API
  • Graphics, Games and Multimedia related technologies like Direct X, Open GL, Quartz, GDI+ and Windows Multimedia
  • Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySql, SQLite, and SQL CE databases

We undertake development of plug-ins specific to Operating Systems such as Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Win CE, Mac OS X/Server, UNIX, or Linux.

Our team is well equipped to handle software Plugin developmenton any of the following IDEs (Integrated Development Environments):

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0/.NET 2003/.NET 2005/.NET 2008,
  • Xcode
  • CodeWorrier
  • Eclipse

Our Designing Tools are Rational Rose and Microsoft Visio, we work on Mobile Technologies like Pocket PC/Smart Phone, J2ME and iPhone, and are adept at Apple script and Java script Scripting Technologies,