Viral Videos

Viral video industry is in its infancy and is facing a major dichotomy. Do you create videos which are TV quality, costs a bomb, and takes a long time to develop? Or do you create videos which are slightly amateurish, costs much lesser, and gets done very fast? The answer is, none of these 2 extremes.

The first question to be answered while creating a viral video is to clearly identify the objective. Then comes the thought and the script. Same message can be communicated using a funny, emotional, or current event based viral. Identify your genre. Just like any other marketing campaign, be very careful about what is allowed and not allowed in the brand you are working for.Top Viral Videos service company in Noida

Different brands have different tolerance levels to what is acceptable and not acceptable. An extremely conservative brand will never go for a funny viral. For e.g. one of our script writer once recommended a viral video for a university where the professors were getting mocked, and the answer was “Absolutely not allowed”.

If you are making a video representative of a current event, ensure it comes before the event loses its significance. We did a viral for Nukestone  around how did Osama die and got it live within 10 days of Osama’s death, and we knew we were late.

Also think about whether the video will be propagated as a brand owned video, or a video by someone anonymous.

Now comes the actual execution of the script and creation of the video. This is the step where speed wins. This is not to suggest lower quality work, but do virals appropriate for social media. A TV quality maybe an overkill.