Social Contents

We are not suggesting that writing social content is like making a rocket, but its definitely a critical step to make your social presence successful.

Scope of Social content:creative social media ideas in noida

  • Social posts for the communities: Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Images
  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Presentations

A keen understanding of the brand is a necessary but definitely not a sufficient condition to develop social content.Nukestone have multiple creative social media ideas in noida. We have Expertise required for Social content development to improve your network.

Expertise required for Social content development:

  • Marketing / business strategy expertise: Clearly identify / define the message that needs to be propagated.
  • Social media expertise: Social media tonality & customer behavior expertise.
  • Brand expertise: Understanding of the brand guidelines (including font/usage etc).
  • Pure content writing capabilities: Language, grammar and spellings to match the customer or target audience. Different expertise is required for long body (articles, etc) and short body copy (Facebook posts, Twitter posts, Forum participations, etc).
  • Graphic designing expertise: Includes illustrations & designing expertise
  • Video conceptualization & execution expertise: Includes 2-D / 3-D animation, Flash, video & editing expertise.

The truth is that its not physically possible to get this expertise in one individual, or even a company with a small setup. Most companies learn this the hard way.