Campaign Microsites

A well-designed campaign microsite is one of the most critical aspect of running any social media campaign. But before beginning on the microsite, you need to completely layout the campaign objectives and what the microsite is intended to accomplish. The microsite may consist of pages on Facebook, or a YouTube skin, or a mini-website.

Deciding where the microsite sits is one of the most important decisions for the campaign. Whether the microsite sits within the umbrella brand website, or whether it’s a separate domain by itself, or whether the campaign has a social media only presence (example a Facebook tab). Debate the pros/cons before deciding.microsites

Ensure the company developing the microsite for you has web-designing skills for good design, web & application development skills to develop the required functionalities and social expertise to ensure the microsite is ready to leverage social media.

There are three stage of Social campaignand microsites:

  • Pre-launch: This is the microsite to be used during the time the campaign is being developed and promoted. It can consist of a teaser campaign or a full-blown campaign promotion. The pre-launch site needs to build enough interest for the user to come back once the campaign is launched.
  • Launch Microsite (Main campaign microsite): Ensure the microsite clearly builds engagement with the user, and is clearly laid out for first time and repeat visitors. Brand promotion is a must-have in the microsite, but ensures the functionality and engagement comes out as priority #1.
  • Post-campaign Microsite: Most brands forget completely about the microsite once the campaign finishes, but in social media, nothing dies. Ensure there is enough communication on the microsite, so the user who comes after the campaign is over can still understand it well.