Online Request Managment

Online Reputation Management (ORM) has gained importance with the emergence of social networking outlets, where consumers can communicate their views on companies, brands, services etc. It is no more a one-way process that can be managed by your brand managers; it has become a two-way communication channel. You have to maintain a clean image and reputation, if you want to be in the reckoning, in a highly competitive online market.

Your online brand is an extension of your offline business, and branding is critical to your online marketing success. In this day and age of connectivity, with the increasing popularity of social networking sites, the virtual hang-out zones of the globally mobile GenNext, the consumers’ buying decisions are heavily influenced by the reviews and words that get passed around in these social media sites and forums.Online Request Management services in noida

ORM is of great importance as:

  • Your company’s or brand’s reputation can come under attack from any angle, anytime
  • Your website, blog, forum or anything online can be easily tarnished with a hit and run poster
  • A single negative campaign with no validity can malign and taint the reputation and integrity of your brand or product that you’ve built over a long time, in a few hours
  • A short negative video on YouTube can damage to your short-term and long term profits
  • A rumor on Facebook or Twitter can hurt your image beyond repair

Nukestone online reputation management services can protect your image and standing, by monitoring and keeping a pulse on the various user-generated online media outlets, and more importantly, the consumer. Our online reputation management focuses on Search engine protection, online reviews management, Trade infringement protection and Consulting.