Facebook Page Management

To market your brand successfully on Facebook, you need to understand Facebook’s unique opportunities, and how it differs from other media. This is not similar to traditional marketing at all. We encourage other Facebook users to respond to posts or to post their own comments about your brand or a topic that’s of interest to them and you. When users do post, we respond quickly and engage them on regular basis.

Friendly Facebook Page management creates an engaging online experience and sets the right tone of voice for your brand. We offer two levels of multilingual Page management.  Emoderation offers Facebook management in all the major European languages and Chinese, and can source more languages on request.

Level 1: Strategic and editorial Page management: ongoing strategic input; seeding to other communities; content creation and posting; reporting; visible facilitation; member engagement and response; answering or forwarding queries and complaints as the brand representative.

Level 2: Engagement management: content posting; reporting; member engagement and response; invisible moderation; forwarding queries and complaints to your in-house sales and customer services teams.

Provide services:

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  • Facebook Fan Page Creation
  • Facebook Wall Page Design
  • Profile Content Writing
  • Daily Postings
  • Daily Shares
  • Keyword Based Content for Postings
  • Facebook Photo Album
  • Facebook Video Uploads
  • Facebook Quiz / Polls ( Third Party Application)
  • Monitor Activity
  • Deleting of unwanted spam
  • Research and like relevant pages
  • Facebook Ad management
  • Fortnightly Reporting