CPL (cost-per-lead) campaign

CPL (cost-per-lead) campaign is running a campaign where the customer pays only when a certain action is taken by the visitor. Fundamentally, for good advertisers, there is no difference between CPM (cost-per-impression) or CPC (cost-per-click) or CPL (cost-per-lead) campaign. The only difference is how the payment gets done. A CPL campaign may or may not be a lead generation campaign. CPL for a large BPO company maybe based on how many people outsourced a white paper you were promoting, but they may or may not be leads for you.

cost per lead campaign services in noida

We say this because, at Nukestone, we believe CPL campaign for a business is important only if these leads convert into revenue for your business. Our campaigns are carefully designed after considering the brand presence of our customer. For e.g. a CPL campaign for Intel’s new campaign for SMB market selling Intel processor based laptops is fundamentally different than the lead generation campaign for a local store selling Intel processor based laptops.

We don’t believe in one size fits all, running untargeted campaigns for getting you untargeted leads. Being publisher agnostic (we are not ad-network ourselves), we are able to get our customers the best bang for the buck. Whether it is running Google Adwords (Search Engine Marketing) campaigns, or lead generation campaign targeting specific websites (ad-network) or running advertisements on social networks (like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc), we can do it all.