Social media ads

According to a report by Knowledge Networks, less than 5% of social media users visit social media networks for guidance on purchase decisions, and 16% users buy from companies that advertise on social sites. So work out the maths; for every person who says it doesn’t work, there is one who attests that it does.

Despite the initial hiccups like low click rates, when compared to high page views, social media ads can give more impressions to your targeted users. It can be a convenient channel for users to connect with you.

Have you got the point? Let there be no confusion, or lack of clear direction, on whether social media advertising will work or not. Any marketer worth their salt knows the value of setting up a social media advertising campaign. There is empirical evidence that it is working for some.

It’s as simple as this, “social media ads work, if you know how to use it.

Our Team:

  • Analyse and understand your targeted social media network
  • Create the right message and target the right/correct users
  • Make sure that the copy is relevant and supplementary to the content of the social networking site
  • Ensure social networking presence with active participation

However, putting up a few ads on Facebook or Twitter won’t do the trick; participating actively in all the ongoing conversations is of prime importance. Nukestone  believes in the credo, ‘markets are conversations’, hence ‘participation is marketing.’