Search Ads

Google has several PPC offerings like Sitelinks and comparison ads. Generally they are keyword-based ads and advertisers pay for advertising on a CPC (cost per click) basis. They can:

  • Reduce navigation time and get searchers to popular category pages faster.
  • Quickly connect visitors to timely deals and offers.
  • Compel searchers to take a desired action with the 35 character headline description.

Many people think that Search marketing is all about thousands of words and complex mathematical bids. You come up with a keyword and bid combination that gives you a ‘slot’ on the page, where you can write a few words in your sponsored link. And that’s the end of it. You stop there. Well that’s precisely where you’ve got it all wrong.

The keyword combinations and stuffs like that are important. But you forgo and don’t give much thought on what’s written inside those sponsored links. They are just as important.

And well, for that matter, have you come across any computer program that can write good copy? We’ll be the first to lay our hands on it, if there are any; but sadly there are none as yet.

So we bank on humans (copywriters to be precise) and their innate creativity. We have tried every ingenious, nifty and creative approaches (the quest is still on) to keep pushing the CTR (or click through rate) higher.

And that’s all about text ads in sponsored links. Not many people know that search engine companies do serve graphical ads too, across tens of thousands of relevant sites. But we do. Over half of the ads served by Google for instance, are shown outside the search engine, on tens of thousands of partner sites like Indiatimes et al., on the same basis of pay-for-performance. It will give you a reach far beyond any other online ad network.

Nukestone  loves to innovate. We test, experiment and constantly work to improve and enhance our capabilities. We run myriads of creative executions and inventive exercises, on a regular basis, on every brand. We then chuck out the obsolete and retain the ones that deliver better results to stay ahead in the rat race for survival.