Display Adds

Advertising formats for display advertising is growing at a fast pace. You’ve probably seen display advertising on many of the websites that you’ve visited. Over the years, some the size, shape & placement of display adverts have changed. However, there are now many standard Display advertising formats, where adverts can be placed on websites with minimal fuss.Online display advertising is all of a sudden hot. Display ads were kicked to the curb, when search advertising dared to offer targeted, relevant ads, with auction pricing. Well, they’re making a comeback, thanks to the same kind of targeting technology.

At Nukestone online display advertisement s are served:

  • CONTEXT BASED: The ad server places advertisements based on what the user is viewing (text of the website).
  • BEHAVIORAL BASED: Ads based on an individual’s web-browsing behaviour, like the pages they have visited or the searches they have made.
  • SEARCH / INTENT BASED: Search/Intent targeting works by serving advertisements that are related to search terms
  • SOCIAL BASED: These ads are based on information found in your social graph i.e. information found within the profiles of people, within your network.