Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC) Ad campaign, where advertisers pay for the visitors, who click on their ad on a Cost Per Click (CPC) basis, is one of the most cost effective ways to maximize the leads and sales from your website in quick-time. It is a highly targeted Ad, where only the visitors who look for your product or service will see the ad. Your Ad will be displayed only when the keyword(s) searched is very relevant.

Best PPC Companies In Noida

With the search engines constantly changing their ranking formulae, putting the full onus on SEO can be suicidal, as it takes time and is just not reliable. That’s where PPC comes into play.

You can make sure that your Ads appear on the 1st page for every search (as Sponsored Links) by paying the search engines or as ‘Content Networks’ in other websites. With an estimate of around $7 billion for the year 2010 alone, PPC is getting pretty competitive by the day. It’s critical for you to adopt a PPC Ad campaign to be in the business, and get the best out of every penny you spend. That’s where our pay per click services can help.

At Nukestone We:

  • Employ the best and most profitable keywords after a thorough analysis
  • Create PPC Ads and landing page Ads that can convert visitors to sales
  • Optimise your bidding strategies based on different keyword platforms
  • Offer continual support to re-optimize your bids in the most cost-effective way to maximise your ROI
  • Track and measure the campaign with real-time reports (to you) on a regular basis.

Why Nukestone for PPC

We have a highly professional team of Google Adwords Certified PPC specialists, who deliver relevant traffic that brings real business results to your organisation. We give you the best possible result to your online marketing investments.

With over billion online searches every month, it’s a little too difficult for visitors to find you. PPC at Nukestoneallows you to showcase your products and highlight your services directly to your targeted customer segment.